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KT-6400 is a classic hematology analyzer with large touch screen,built-in thermal printer and huge storage capacity.It is a diagnostic system combined with reliable hardware and intuitive software,which is a perfect solution for small labs and clinics. (需求在线登记)


2018年汉诺威工业博览会将工业4.0带入下一阶段:自动化和能源技术,IT平台和人工智能之间的相互作用正在推动着工业的数字化转型, HANNOVER MESSE以“整合工业 - 连接与协作”为主题,聚焦这一发展的潜力。需要参展企业尽早申请展位,现有3号馆72平米的最佳位置选择,以及展期民宅预订,请联系徐小姐:13682517882。 (需求在线登记)

Stylepie Fun Multiple lamp

Stylepie Fun Multiple lamp (Reddot Award 2017 Winner Lighting Design & Golden Pin Design Award).It can be as the decorative lights for all kinds of parties & holidays... it also is a clock & alarm clock, controlled by the gravity and rotary, interesting and funny enough... Here is the video link for your reference, it will be helpful to understand it very well... If you have any questions, pls kindly contact at Esther Zhao at Email & Skype: esther.zhao@style-pie.com, thanks. (需求在线登记)


东京国际礼品、消费品博览会创办于1976年,每年分春秋两季举行,是目前日本国内最大、最重要的礼品及生活用品博览会,该展由日本商业指导公司主办,得到了许多国家驻日本大使馆商务处及日本许多行业协会的大力支持。由于日本是一个非常重视交换及赠送礼品的国家,每年都会有许多人选择在圣诞节、母亲节、情人节及生日时向自己的亲朋好友赠送礼物,因此日本礼品市场拥有非常广阔的前景,目前市场容量大约为1200亿美元。许多国外企业将参加东京礼品展视为其进入日本礼品市场的一条捷径,而事实也证明他们的选择是有回报的。 (需求在线登记)


E-commerce and omnichannel - in both the B2B and B2C sectors—have developed at an extremely rapid and highly dynamic pace and continue to evolve with a speed and complexity never before seen. As the competition intensifies, factors such as cost efficiency, transparency, availability, and fast lead times are becoming more and more critical to success. To successfully navigate these trade markets, you need to be extremely flexible and find the solutions and services that are right for you. (需求在线登记)

MWC Americas

MWC Americas will debut September 12-14, 2017 in San Francisco at the Moscone Center and will be the premier mobile industry event for the Americas. (需求在线登记)

Stage Set Scenery

柏林国际舞台技术及设置专业展览会(Stage|Set|Scenery)是国际上最专业的舞台技术、舞台设置、舞台布景及舞台设施展览会,是一个国际戏剧、电影和娱乐技术展览会,该展两年一届,在柏林国际展览中心举行。该展专注于舞台机械,驱动和控制系统,建筑与规划,照明,声学,音频,视频和媒体工程,工作室技术,活动, 博物馆技术,装饰和家具,化妆服装设计和安全工程。 (需求在线登记)

The Hotel Show

迪拜国际酒店及设施展览会(The Hotel Show)是中东区域及世界上最专业的酒店和休闲市场贸易展览会,从1999年开始,一年一届,在迪拜世界贸易中心举行。该展为酒店行业带来创新和新观念。 随着迪拜已成为世界上最重要的旅游和旅游目的地之一,迪拜酒店一直在那里、自豪地为该地区的酒店业服务。 (需求在线登记)

InnoTech Expo

MachTech Expo retains (from Its beginning in 2009) and develops its specialization in the field of - metal processing and metal-cutting, tools, welding equipment and metrology.InnoTech Expo keeps growing and in 2017 it will be held with a focus on - industrial automation, CAD/CAM/CIM systems, 3D printing and induatrial software. (需求在线登记)

Defense Maintenance & Logistics

吸引决策者和行业领导参与国防维护和后勤技术展览会的关注。 如果您的公司参与军事和商业维护技术,信息系统和管理流程,不要错过这个重要机会,向那些塑造当前和未来国防维护和后勤状态的人展示您的产品和服务。Capture the attention of decision-makers and industry leaders in attendance at Defense Maintenance and Logistics Exhibition. If your company is involved in military and commercial maintenance technology, information systems, and management processes, don’t miss this significant opportunity to showcase your products and services to those who shape the current and future state of defense maintenance and logistics. (需求在线登记)

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